Bow Tie O’ The Day Saves Any Outfit From Ridicule

That moment when– although you’ve gussied up in Bow Tie o’ the Day and your pimp vest and a gorgeous Bugatchi shirt and an ear-warming hat to go to Walmart– you realize you’re one of those People of Walmart, who belongs on the website of the same name, to be mocked. And then… that next moment, when you realize that first moment was just plain foolishness. Of course, you’re not one of THEM. You’re one of the Great, Infinite Us. You’re you. 🤡 There really is no THEM.

Neckwear Is Not Enough

Wearing Ties o’ the Day does not cease at the neck for me. My ties know no borders. No need for a Tie Wall for me, so neck-ed footwear joins us in this evening’s display o’ ties. Mustache mutt’s showing off a red, skinny bow tie. Sunglasses mutt’s wearing a teal, butterfly bow tie. It’s amazing how comfortable a couple of bow ties on your feet feel. My feet feel as if they are walking on bow-shaped air! But to me, all air is tie/bow tie-shaped, anyway. 👟 👒 🎀 🤵🏻 😉

Skitter Hogs The DVD Player

Skitter’s Tie o’ the Day is adamant about Skitter’s plans for today. Yes, Skitter communicates through ties, just like I do. She throws one on only occasionally, but when she dons one, we stand at attention. Recently, she discovered PINK PANTHER cartoons, and she is addicted. We’ll be binge-watching  the pink critter all day. Can heading out to the movies to see BLACK PANTHER be far behind? Fortunately, Skitter is wiry and quiet, so I can easily sneak her into the theater in my back pocket. 📀 📺 📽

I Grumble That Ties Aren’t Deductions

We went to get our taxes done and filed, and I left home wearing Bow Tie o’ the Day. How did things turn out? Well, I left the H & R Block office wearing this Tie o’ the Day and the barrel it shows. Nah, it really did work out just fine, and we aren’t going to have to sell any spare limbs or organs. Like I said this morning, the list of what my tiny taxes build, create, preserve, plan, etc. is endless. I’m thankful. 📄 ✒ 💰

It’s Actually Quite A Good Deal For Me And The Ties

Bow Tie o’ the Day is going with us to H & R Block to do our taxes this morning. I’m fine paying my city, county, state, and federal taxes. There is no way my measly taxes alone could pay for what I use. I get schools, roads, bridges, cops, firefighters, troops, safe water (and the infrastructure that brings it into my house), campgrounds, wildlife management, libraries, garbage/recycling services, recreation complexes/fields, and thousands more etc.’s. I’m damn grateful. But yes, sometimes I still catch myself bitching about paying. 💸

The Friendly Skies Bring Us Home

I call this photo TURBULENCE. The skies were a bit shaky over Monterey Bay. (See my cloud ‘Links?)  Even before take-off things got kinda gnarly. Guess who created a problem with the TSA? Tie o’ the Day created a hullaballoo which caused me to undergo a pat-down. I’m not telling a fish story: the TSA agent actually told me she thought Tie was messing up the body scanner. I think vacation-themed Tie created a fuss cuz it didn’t wanna leave the beach. I can relate. 🏖

The Art You Don’t Own Can Hurt You

Bow Tie o’ the Day and Cufflinks o’ the Day chaperoned us on our Valentine’s Day Monterey-ing. We ate enchiladas at the beach, then visited some shops where local artists show/sell their pieces. The talent-level of the artists ranged from what I would call “somebody’s sight-challenged grandpa doing paint-by-numbers” to “wow, this chick is an extraordinary artist!” I fell in love-at-first-sight with a small painting, but its price was bigly. We decided to make the house payment instead of buy it. Some regrets are necessary. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 💞

All Hail, Holiday O’ Love!

Tie o’ the Day sets out early to remind you of the lost art of writing love notes. You have to go Old School, folks. None of that sweet talk through emails or texts. That will not do. Find the pencil in your junk drawer. And even though it’s broken in half, has no eraser, and the point is broken off, sharpen that pencil with the pocketknife that’s also in your junk drawer. Scribble out that handwritten, sincere love note. You’ll thank Tie that you did. 💌 ❣ 💝💘

More Pontificating About Love

If I were a tie, I would consider being this Tie o’ the Day. The colors work with, and in contrast to, each other beautifully. Tie’s hearts look they could be falling heart-fetti– having been tossed into the air to rain down upon us all. It is within our power to cover our families and communities with blizzards of love, compassion, and even actual organ donation hearts. Love is not just a feeling. The word LOVE is also a verb. It is action. Act your love.

Cupid’s Bow Hunting Season Never Ends. Ouch!

Tie o’ the Day’s winged, masked, arrowed-up Cupid’s got me contemplating the risks involved in loving someone. The stakes are bigly in the love game: your time (sometimes whole decades), your energy, your heart, your vulnerability, etc. You can lose a relationship because you neglected to take care of it. You can lose it to death, or something else beyond your control. I think the opposite of FAITH is not DOUBT: it’s FEAR. And FEAR is DEFEAT.  LIVING means to have enough faith to risk loving. 🌹 🍫 💌 🍓